Power generation facility

Since 1882, Edison established coal fired power plant at first in the world, progress of the generation technology and expansion of utilization were remarkable, electricity becomes the infrastructure of our social life, FUJI RESIN’s anticorrosion technology is used at such generation facilities.
In thermal power stations, FGD (Flew Gas De-sulfurization) facilities and WWT (Waste Water Treatment) facilities which make our environment clean are installed.
Facilities are under the environment, run high temperature gas from the boiler and attacked by de-sulfured absorbent solutions which generates chemical corrosion and abrasion, where is required the advanced anti-corrosion material for making possible a stable operation in a longer term.
In Japan, FUJI FLAKE LINING and FUJI CHEMEQ (anti-corrosion engineering FRP) have been popularly used since around 1972 and it was proved the anti-corrosive performance in long term, that has built up trust of the brand.
And recently, FUJI CHEMEQ AC, superior at anti-abrasive performance was in spot lighted to be selected for spray pipe in FGD facility.
FUJI FLAKE LINING technology is evaluated as the best at thermal power station in overseas, we are expanding a global activity with providing our technology, materials and application instruction.
At nuclear power plant, the functional FUJI FLAKE which is superior at technology in high level anti-radiation, abbreviated application in inhibited area and available to be cured in waters is used for maintenance of the facilities.

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