Public works, etc.

Anti-corrosion technology of FUJI RESIN’S is performing at public works where is deeply related with our living. For concrete made facilities and reservoir tanks at drinking water treatment plant, providing the safe drinking water, Sanitary NK FLAKE - DW method adapted with the standard quality of JWWA-K-149, Japan Water Works Association and FUJI CONCRETE PROTECTION are met.
And at sewage system facilities, FUJI CONCRETE PROTECTION adapted with standard quality of Japan Sewage Works Agency and NK FLAKE method are met having with many experience.
FUJI RESIN is providing FUJI CHEMEQ UV (light cure FRP prepreg) as of the re-genesis material of decrepit underground sewage pipes, FUJI FLAKE Lining for cooling and absorbing towers that make emission gases clean at the waste incineration plant, FUJI FLAKE AR for explosion proof equipment (inert gas system) on the giant oil tankers crossing a global ocean and FUJI CHEMEQ tanker lorry for land transportation of chemicals. FUJI RESIN’s technology is developed at a wide range of industries such food, medical, pharmaceutical, electric, electron, production facilities of automobile and offshore development, etc. to support for preserving the environment in clean.

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